Who I am

Who I am

My name is Valbona Mejzini, I am a certified Life coach in Personal Performance,graduated from the Coaching Academy, which is one of the best known Academy in the world. I have also certified as a coach in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive BehaviourTherapy (CBT) practitioner.

I have completed several Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Insomnia training courses on how to help people achieve quality sleep.

My previous qualifications include Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, graduated from London Westminster University and BSc Psychology , graduated from London Metropolitan University.

I have always been interested in human health and psychology, and practising coaching has made these subjects even more interesting for me.

I had many coaching sessions with highly qualified coaches, before I graduated as a Life Coach as well as during my qualification as a Personal Performance Coach . I needed help to improve my sleep which was badly affected as a result of a very stressful time I had. My poor sleep had a detrimental effect in my personal and professional life. I have managed to overcome this condition as well as became equipped to manage and prevent myself from this condition happening again.

This experience, alongside my qualifications and interest in human health and psychology, have made me highly motivated to work with people who have problems with sleep, as well as undertake a number of training on CBT insomnia which empowered me and increased my knowledge, passion and confidence to work on this niche.