‘I found Valbona incredibly holding, empathic, warm, yet boundaries. She begun each session with mindfulness practice. Whilst I am familiar with mindfulness, Valbona’s tone of voice, including her pace was  deeply comforting.

My goal in coaching was to enhance my self-esteem as over the course of academic training (and as a PhD student), I have encountered various obstacles that have made me wonder whether I am capable of fulfilling my dreams. This self-doubt has transpired to academic proscination.  Valbona’s collaborative approach helped me identify useful techniques and strategies, including self affirming statements in helping me achieve my goal.  By the end of each of session, we would go over what was discussed and action points. These action points were reviewed in the proceeding session, thus there was a nice flow across our sessions.  

Thanks to Valbona my self-confidence has improved, which in turn provided me with the strength to complete my academic assignments.  I would like to thank Valbona for her patience and professionalism’.


Vjosa Hyseni , client