I had been suffering with insomnia for quite some time when I first started working with Valbona. Not only was I struggling to get to sleep, I was also then waking in the early hours and then staying awake usually until dawn. I was going through the menopause and I found the associated symptoms and the lack of sleep were having a detrimental impact on almost every level of my daily life resulting in very little focus and low energy and this really affected my confidence.
The first few sessions with Valbona really helped me to manage my physical sleep environment and to create new bedtime routines and sleep habits that dramatically improved my quantity and quality of sleep overall. I was also able to create and put in place self-care plans to help manage my menopause symptoms better.
During further sessions, Valbona expertly and sensitively questioned and challenged some beliefs that I had acquired about myself and over a few sessions, she really helped me to tackle these and to regain my self- confidence.I believe I rated my confidence as a ‘2’ at the beginning of our sessions, I’m now very much at the other end of the scale! As a result of working with Valbona, my sleep and my general wellbeing are so much better, I have more energy and confidence and I am feeling great! Thank you!

Jo Hubbard , 29/03/2021