Who I work with

  1. Individuals who want to improve their confidence in different areas, such as:
  • Public speaking;
  • Assertiveness in being able to speak their mind;
  • Self-image;
  • Being in relationship;
  • Relationship issues;
  • Career change
  • Individuals who want to improve their wellbeing through:
  • Adhering to lifestyle;
  • Improving physical health/condition;
  • Dealing with stress;
  • Protecting health from susceptible physical condition;
  • Planning and organisational skills;
  • Overcoming procrastination.
  1. Organisational coaching facilitating organisations: 
  • Achieve positive and systemic transformation within organizations. 
  • Achieve strategic objectives; 
  • Enhance leadership capability; 
  • Enhance the team work; 
  • Improve individual and team performance; 
  • Create culture change;